Pea and Bean Climber – the new addition to the veggie patch

I do intend to begin writing about things other my veggie patch, but I couldn’t help but add my newest creation.

The pea plants are getting to the point where they need something to climb if they are going to be productive. So I venture to the shed (where any object that may have, in some abstract way, have some alternative use is saved from the bin)…

Using some left over wood from another project, some screws, some nails, 2 disused shoe laces and a length of twine, I cobbled together something that should see them thrive:

The wood was cut into the stakes with my Grandfather’s jigsaw, 3 long stakes (2 for along the ground, 1 for the cross-beam) and 4 for the ends. Only the cross-beam is not screwed in but tied with the shoelaces, so that it may be removed and the climber either closed together or lengthened for future use.

There nails were hammered into the bottom stakes and the twine wrapped around as seen in the photos.

This design was an alternative to the ideas I had read in various gardening books which suggested using nets for the peas to climb, but given the likelihood of birds being caught in the net, I thought this design would be safer.

I hope this helps anyone who has been looking for ideas. I’d be glad to hear from anyone who has designed their own climbers (or any gardening equipment) or have comments on my creation.

Good luck with your sustainability efforts!


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