Update: Veggie Patch and the Home Made Bean Climber

This article was originally posted on the Australian Conservation Foundation’s Green Home website on 21 October 2011. Click here to read this post on the Green Home website.

Given my lack of expertise in all things requiring green thumbs or power tools, I thought it righteous not to broadcast whether my new veggie patch and the pea and bean climber had actually provided any success.

Fortunately, I can say that it has. And how happy am I!

I was concerned that the lack of cross beams may make it difficult for the beans I had planted to grap hold of the climber. But, as you can see, the tendrils have wrapped themselves gracefully around the vertical strings, and are slowly making their way ever-skywards.

I cant adequately express how gratifying it is to see a simple idea, with simple materials and tools, actually work! I recommend such tinkering to anyone who will listen.

The climber wasn’t the only experiment. The veggie patch, both the design using corrugated iron and the patch itself, being a deep bed, were both speculative creations.

Again, I’m glad to say that, mostly, it is a success. You can see the potato plants flourishing, along with the peas and the 2 lines of carrots.

I had planted a third line, closer to the patch barrier. However, the barrier casts a shadow of this line most of the day, and it has only grown in patches. I’d therefore recommend to anyone considering a similar design, to account for height of the barrier and location of the sun in relation to your patch.

But, it has largely been a success and I plan on building a second, similar veggie patch very soon. And I can’t wait to start gathering the produce!

Good luck with your gardening.


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