Silent Saturday – My Clean Energy Future

Climate Scientists from Macquarie University, The University of Melbourne and Monash Sustainability Institute recently held a competition for anyone to create a film demonstrating the positive effects of a clean energy future, called “Green Screen Climate Fix Flicks“.

The purpose of the competition is part of the greater purpose of the association of these three organisations to raise awareness of and promote sustainable living. Given the similarity between this objective and that of my blog, I thought I’d have a go.

Using the camera in my phone and my trusty old laptop, here is what I came up with – “Silent Saturday“.

The film features my new (figuratively speaking) water tank and stand and new veggie patch, which are to be the included in a future article covering the new additions to my backyard, the tomato plants the topic of my last post, my bike, the often cited Portland tip shop and vegan cooking, all elements of my idea of sustainable world.

I really hope you enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “Silent Saturday – My Clean Energy Future

  1. If you haven’t already, you should check out permaculture and aquaponics. You don’t appear to have a huge yard, but you could certainly do much more in it. I especially liked the raised beds and rain barrel, did you salvage the materials for them from that same place you visited in the video?

    • I haven’t checked them out yet. I’ve only recently moved into this house so the yard is still a work in progress, and I’ll have to get some ideas and methods from permaculture literature.

      The long pieces of corrugated iron have come from a number of places including the Recycle Shop, with the ends being an old corrugated iron rain tank cut into quaters. The rain tank was bought second hand from a private seller, with the sleepers that make up the stand coming from the inlaws.

      Trying to find the right second hand objects always draws these projects out, but it always makes the end result much more appreciable.

      Thanks again for your comments and suggestions!

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