A long time ago….

….I posted my last article on this blog. Over a year has passed since I argued about climate change denial and logical fallacies, John Spooner and Craig Kelly in the cross-hairs of my directed rage.

I can’t pinpoint the precise reason for my inaction. Work, study and family have played their role in keeping me busy, but there was also some dilemma in my mind as to the direction of this blog. To date, it has jumped from veggie gardening, to short-story telling, commentary on anti-vaccination attitudes, various ‘green living’ adaptations in different aspects of the home and climate change.

Admittedly, my interests change with some regularity. I discover or re-discover some topic that I become consumed by, shortly to be replaced by the next topic (currently, my passion is statistics, demonstrated by the current audiobook “Naked Statistics” playing on my way to and from work, the book “How to lie with statistics” eagerly waiting to be read in my study and repeated trips to Tamino’s “Open Mind” blog). This interest replaced the previous interest in feminism and prior to that was ethics and morality. Usually there is some link from one interest to another, sometimes it is finding a book at a second-hand shop on a topic that I’ve wanted to learn more about.

I have somewhat become like a deer in headlights as a result, not knowing what topics to write about in order to attract and keep the interest of people wanting to read more about a specific topic.

My answer to the dilemma in fact came from a section of the book on feminism I’ve nearly finished reading. In providing a history of the women’s liberation movement, the writer draws comparisons between the numerous political movements in recent history, such as the African-American movement towards equality and the workers movements. The book discusses that even within these progressive movements, proponents of the movements can still hold regressive attitudes towards other issues of equality, in this case towards the feminist movement.

The point made by the author is that to be properly progressive, to seek fairness throughout all aspects of society, limiting yourself to just one cause or topic without seeking to enlighten yourself with or help rectify the problems in other areas fails to recognise the connections between various forms of repression and destruction, let alone rectify forms of repression within an otherwise progressive movement.

The issues of sexism within the atheist movement provides but one example.

In what most likely is a case of deluding myself into justifying the maintenance of the status quo, I’ve therefore decided to continuing blogging about whatever I so choose, if it can reasonably be considered that someone reading my articles will be assisted in bettering themselves or the people and/or environment around them. Whether it be describing how to make a greenhouse, why vaccination is important or what to look for when considering the statistics behind reports of some new breakthrough medical treatment or behind an argument as to why global warming is a hoax/myth/evil communist plot, I will do my best to understand the content of the topic completely and write on it.

To this end, I’ve also decided to add articles posting assignments I’ve completed that address a topic that I consider important or helpful (I believe P.Z Myers gets his students to blog about their studies which inspired the idea, and is an approach that will help me with content) and posts that contain quotes from books that I’ve read (in part to help me remember more of those books in future).

I don’t intend on publicising this post through twitter as I normally do, given the navel-gazing nature of it. This is more to keep me honest in maintaining the pledge to put up a new post at least once a month whilst I’m studying, and more often when I’ve taken a study period off.



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